A few weeks ago I found this adorable skirt at the thrift store.

At a size 2 it was not going to fit me or anyone I knew, but for a buck it was too cute to pass up. I brought it home and was inspired to create a cute little dress for Annie. This was so simple, just take in the sides and make some straps. Annie loved it and I loved the quick result.

I don't have a zipper foot for my machine, so keeping in the zipper really helps. The ruffle is a bit funky but doesn't look as bad on.

I found this skirt on my next trip

It was more of a skort and had a shorts part so I was able to make a skirt and top. It was supposed to be for madison but was a bit big and she is more into the naked/diaper thing right now.I hadn't finished the hem yet. (Sorry about the picture quailty-I am going to figure this out soon)

This is the back with cute vintage buttons thatcame from grandmas button box.

Happy Birthday to Sara and to my mother-in-law. There are so many March birthdays.

More craftiness to come...


Elaine said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your girls are beautiful and I love love love that first skirt turned dress. Awesome job, Mama!