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In addition to having daddy home for 2 extra days, we had my niece Ally here for 3 days. What a treat it has been to have her spend some time with us. She is an absolute sweetie and such a trooper. I have 15 nieces and nephews and this was the first time any of them has stayed on their own for more than a night. Annie and Ally have been having so much fun and Madison loves following the girls around.
I have been trying to keep the girls busy so we have taken a bike ride to the grocery store, a big hit with Ally, to buy strawberries to make jam. We made the jam, yum, and had it on bagels for breakfast.



Today, we went to our favorite rolly-slide park and stomped around in the creek. The afternoon was spent at the fabric store so Ally could pick out fabric for her own tote bag. Now the girls are curled up watching Finding Nemo (the only kids movie we own) and eating popcorn. We are hoping to head to the zoo or waterpark tomorrow. Not bad for a few days with 3 girls under 5.

All of this time with Ally reminds me of when I was a little girl and we would go stay at my cousins or our friends house for a few days. It was always such an adventure and I still remember all the things we did, a hot day and the sprinkler at Aunt Kathy's and my first sunburn, walking to the corner store in the city at Charolette's, a trip to the Ben Franklin for $1.00 toys with my grandma and many nights with my grandma amy and aunts.
It is great to think that my home will be a place of adventure for my nieces and nephews and that my girls will have their own tastes of independance when visiting cousins. And it won't hurt that mom and dad will get some time alone. That's a whole different kinda treat!

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Anonymous said...

Strawberry Jam! YUM-O-LICIOUS. Reminds me of when I was a boy, we had a huge strawberry patch in the backyard.

I have fond memories of picking strawberries in the yard with my mom and enjoying all the pies and jam's that would come from it.

Your post reminded me of that. Sounds like you have a full weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the few days with me. Ally had a fantastic time and can't stop talking about all of their adventures. She said that you are her "favorite" aunt. What an honor!!!!!!

You're the best!


Anonymous said...

Your jam looks so beautiful! And the girls look like they are having alot of fun, too!

Maggie said...

They are lovely!! :)

I've found the magazine "Family Fun" a trove of fun things to do with the kids. (Those 4th of July hats were in the latest one)

We're making jam and canning in August!