A few more handmade gifts....


This one is from a bit back. I am always a bit stumped by the boy gifts and this time I was a bit short on time so it was more hand decorated.


The girls each drew a picture for the 3 year old boy and then I scanned and printed them onto transfer paper. We ironed them onto t-shirts from Target. Pretty quick and the girls were very proud.


The next weekend was a birthday for my 2 year old cutie of a nephew Mikey. I had no gift on Sunday morning but had seen this post via the Crafty Crow. I had about an hour so a felt board seemed perfect. I used a plain black frame, only a couple dollars and self-adhesive felt. It really did take less than an hour. I think I need to make one for the girls.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I love handmade gifts. I love your new blog look, and header.

Jane said...

Hi Mary, sorry i missed the last few posts its nice to see you. The felt board is a brilliant idea and i love the idea of the t-shirt transfers might save that one for the summer holidays(jul/aug). Also a belated Happy Birthday to the birthday girl too. Jane x

Anonymous said...

I love the rocketship! I've been wanting to make a build your own type rocket for Seth's board but have been holding off since I just gave him the initial set.