Being thankful for the little things.


Turkey art


Sudoku and tomato soup


Simple little projects that look so cute found here


Pancake Sundays
and all the other little things that make our days special. Most of all I am thankful for the three voices that I heard first thing this morning wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you may be as blessed as I am on this day.

I sat down to write a post....

and my computer went on the fritz. I spent the better part of my day backing up all my pictures just incase it really died and scanning and downloading. Hijack this buddy. It looks okay for now and I did get a bunch of knitting done while watching thousands of files being scanned. Seriously, what demented person creates viruses and malware just to annoy a mom that has pies to bake and blog posts to write. Go hug your kids, tell them you love them and hopefully they won't grow up to be hackers (umm do you still call them hackers? it seem so 1990's)


a few hours later including a trip to target....


Just one word today.....


Laura and the Blue Mermaid


We never managed to get the Halloween decorations up but we did get the pumpkins carved and finished making the costumes. I love Halloween and the girls had a blast. We must have had 100 kids come to the house.


Meet Laura Ingalls


and the Blue Mermaid.

They were originally going to be Laura and Mary Ingalls but Maddie saw a mermaid costume in the pattern book (the most gaudy, sparkly over-the-top thing in there. I think the one we made is actually more over the top!) and had to be a mermaid. A quick search on google and a bit of idea stealing from here and a bit of Mommy-Maddie collaboration and I had one happy mermaid and a very pleased Laura (using this pattern). Most people thought Annie was Holly Hobbie and delighted in telling them she was "Laura, you know from the Little House on the Prairie Books." Hope you all had a great halloween and are getting over the sugar shock.