Displaying kids art....


A bit back Lori from Camp Creek Blog did a post on displaying your kids artwork. I walked around the house and took some pictures on how we display the girls artwork around here. I thought I would share a bit of this and ask all of you how you display art around your house.

The traditional bulletin board. I think they need some editing or maybe a bigger board.

bulletin boards

The I found this laying on the floor, table desk, bed, etc. and stick it where I can display.

My creation

The thought out spray painted frames that hang as a gallery in the kitchen. There are also a few shelves to display sculptures.


This is in serious need of a bit of redo and more frames.

And really I think this is my favorite.

The "those white walls and trim are really the perfect canvas and I must make some art right now" displays.

My creation

I really should clean those up or paint or doing something but really they bring a smile to my face every time I see them.

Math and Making Dinner....


Before I could tackle dinner on Monday night I needed to get the dishes done from Sunday night, yep, things go that way around here sometimes. The girls were a bit squirrly and needed some focus. Oh, math how I love that I can pull out some money, write down some numbers and keep Annie busy.


After finishing up the mama math problems Annie set to writing her own little word problems for Maddie.


As Annie read the problems Maddie answered with a tone that said "Couldn't you come up with something harder."

While the dishes were done and dinner started counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's was practiced, addition, subtraction and sentance writing were accomplished. Who knew that the answer to the perennial math question "when am I ever going to need to use this?" Would be "When your a mom and you need to make some dinner."



Maddie has been nesting. Each night I check on her before heading off to bed. Sometimes I find her buried in the center of many blankets that she has fashioned into a nest. Other times it is a bear cave or bunny hole that she has built.


My sleeping bear....


Baskets, fabric and pipe cleaners become nests for stuffies.


We had a nest that the robins built on our front door last year. I set it out and we spent some time looking at it and how it was built. We headed out to collect materials that would make a good nest. Pictures of nests were printed and explored. We walked the neighborhood looking for all the nests and holes we could find. Imagining bunny holes and mouse houses. We took all our nesting materials and some clay to make our own bird nests.



We are still nesting. Sometimes while I lay next to her in bed the crook of my arm becomes a nest for her little mouse. I am instructed not to move because the mouse is sleeping. How wonderful the imagination of a 3 year old is. And with the wind howling outside my window and more snow in the forecast I think that a bit of spring nesting is just what we need.

Fresh Air


We've been needing a bit of fresh air. 50 degrees in March, I'm giddy.
A playdate outdoors.


Tossing off our hats and mittens we bask in the sun. Try out our skates.


Learn how to drive on busy sidewalks again.


Create on the grand scale that only the canvas of a sidewalk and chalk can provide.
Find inspiration in icy bits of winter that mix with the promise of spring.

Because as Annie said "Mama, my favorite season is winter but by March 6th I've had enough."
Bring on spring.

Sewing, a birthday and Chuck E.


I've been feeling the spring cleaning thing around here. We moved Maddie and Annie in the same room. I love the idea of them sharing a room, the little chats at bedtime and the learning to share. I always shared a room with my sister and I wanted the girls to have those same memories. Ideas are always more peaceful than the reality. Bedtime has been a bit more difficult and two girls in one small room leads to such a bigger mess. Annie was very sweet about the whole thing. "Maddie, this is our room." Very welcoming and gracious. The other bonus was freeing up Maddie's room for a little crafting space for me. We have a small loft upstairs where we keep the computer and I had my sewing in there but it was always a mess and drove Dan crazy and the mess was always there to be seen. Now I can close the door and it's out of sight out of mind. Much better.
Having a nice new space means having to start nice new projects. You know, to mess it all up again. I started on some spring outfits for the girls which I hope to finish this week, maybe by easter. We were invited to a birthday party for a 2 year old and I as I am still trying to go with the handmade gifts when possible I thought I would make someting for the little girl. Her grandma is a friend of mine and grandma loves to cook so I thought a nice little apron would be perfect. Two fat quarters and a few hours later and I had a sweet little present.


At the eleventh hour (or 11:30 p.m.) I decided to make the little recipe card holder. It's a bit wonky but finishes off the set. I didn't use a pattern, just cut and sew. I think I like this type of sewing better. I tend to get caught up in following directions and if I the piece doesn't work I get frustrated. When I make it all up I can only blame myself and always seem happier with the results. The set was a big hit and I can't wait for pictures of the little girl cooking.

The real reward of all the sewing was going to the party-at Chuck E. Cheeses. We had managed to avoid a trip there for all of Annie's almost 6 years but now they are hooked. Not sure how long I can keep them from going back. And really, I love playing skeeball.




Monday I turned 37. I wrote a little post that started with Yuck. I was going to find an old picture of me to add but never found the picture and never hit the post button. That was probably a good thing. Who wants to hear about crabby birthday feelings when I can share the good kinda birthday stuff.
The kinda birthday stuff that is about new life and fresh starts. The kinda birthday stuff that is full of a glowing but tired mommy and an over the moon daddy. The kinda birthday stuff that makes a 23 month peanut of a boy seem huge in an instant. The kinda birthday stuff that makes you worry if the now big brother will be okay with a new baby and will they be friends and all of that. The kinda birthday stuff that is full of that sweet newborn smell and soft newborn cry. The kinda birthday stuff that makes that 16th new niece or nephew as exciting and anticipated as the first. The kinda birthday stuff that is.....


Congratulations Megan, John and Mikey. He is beautiful.

I edited the picture at Picnik. I forsee lots of time wasted there.