Arbor Day and some darn cute feet.


Happy Arbor Day. Hope you all have plans to plant a tree today.
Wanna see some cute little feet planting the arbor day tree last year? Check it out HERE. The cute little hands and feet on the right belong to Annie B. and the ones on the left are my little Annie's.
Thanks to Sara, Annie's mom for the link and noticing that those pairs of feet and hands looked familiar. Only a mom, right!
Yeah, I know, no pictures again, sorry we got actual shots at the doctor instead of fun photo shots.

bad blogger....


I have been such a bad blogger of late. There has been lots of stuff going on but very little time to write about any of it and lately it has been feeling like another item on my to do list opposed to my little outlet. I think it has something to do with having a really long to do list and the list is creeping into my blogging space (the laundry pile is so large I had to move it to it's own bed). Dan has also been hogging the computer and it is very hard for me to get time before 11 p.m. and I've not much energy for blogging at that time. All right, excuses are out of the way now on to something of interest.

Last week I got the most wonderful package in the mail from Jen, a skein of beautiful purple sock yarn for me to make myself a pair of socks! It was completely out of the blue and oh so very thoughtful. It has been sitting on the ledge in my kitchen so that I can admire it, touch it, and stare longingly at it while taking care of to-do's. Thank you so much Jen it was really a much needed little pick me up and I LOVE purple.

Other bits that have been going on here include:
-finishing up a hat for a very dear aunt from this pattern
-making a memory game from school pictures for maddie
-working on aprons for this months Tie One On Challenge
-lots of great thrifting and a couple of trash to treasure finds
-registering for kindergarten (Annie not Me and were not going to talk about it)

So tomorrow how about some pictures and don't forget that Friday is Arbor Day. We'll be sticking with tradition and heading to the Morton Arboretum.

Ruby Red Slippers



Do you have a little girl under 7? Well then you probably own or have owned a pair of ruby red shoes that you got at Target or other big box store. If you've got the shoes then you probably have great pictures of you kids wearing them. Why not join in the fun and post them to the new flickr group I started.

I really love these shoes and the obsession many little girls have with them. As I have checked I blogs I always catch glimpses of the ubiquitous red shoes. So click your heels three times and join in the fun.

Oh, if you haven't been there yet check out Pandora
It may actually save me from being so completly unhip music wise, just maybe.

Maddie is 3, oh my, 3.



It appears turning 3 is very serious business. At least it looks that way from this picture. In fact, turning 3 is all about running like a bat out of hell around the house so that your mommy can't take a picture of you in clothes and crown she made for you for your birthday. It took a very stren daddy demanding that you "stand still so mommy can get a picture for the blog" to get the above picture.

Turning 3 is also about donuts for breakfast and fancy new bikes(that mama thinks you are entirely too young to ride).

A new bike and fancy shoes

Throw in a few mudpies for good measure....
Making mud pies

and keep this year keep the birthday extravaganza to a minimum (unlike Annie's 3).

Beacause really turning 3 is really all about....

The big bucket of popcorn cake


adapted from the cupcake from Family Fun Mag

Having all your cousins and a few friends over to play movie theatre, selling popcorn, tickets and Twizzlers

Selling Tickets

and lining up to watch Mary Poppins.

Watchin the Movie

and for mommy three is all about my little baby growing up. I have enjoyed my Maddie at 2 and 1 and younger and I can't wait to share everyday with my Maddie at 3. You bring such joy and surprise to my life, Happy Birthday Maddie Jeanne.

Happy Easter!


Easter, originally uploaded by marytree.

Hope you all have a happy and peaceful Easter.

Rolling, rolling, rolling


Last week 2 of my nieces came for a sleepover. They are my sisters girls and before I had Annie and Maddie I would babysit for them every Thursday. I don't spend as much time with them anymore and when they are here they tend to play with A and M. The night they stayed T.T. read books to Maddie and put her to bed while Katie read to Annie and put her to bed. I think they need to stay over more often.

I wanted to do something special with them so Thursday morning we pulled out lots of boxes, tubes and some packaging from when our new dryer arrived. We all went to work making a great marble ramp.

Waiting.... '

Once the business of getting the marbles to roll was over they went to work decorating.

Rainbow Hill The set-up

Then it was off to the races....
start Hopping Marble

Nothing like 4 girls being kept entertained for a few hours with not much more than marbles, duct tape and some paper towel tubes. I really do need to have them over more often!

Nelson Lake


I have been messing around here for the past hour trying to get this slideshow to show up. If you get a feed sorry for all the posts.

In the process I lost the nicely written original post. So here is the 12:30 in the morning, I have been wasting time for the last 2 hours post.

We went to see the pelicans, they weren't there. I decide to take a picture of the girls together. It took 23 tries. Aren't they cute.

If you can see this slideshow. Wahooo. If not click the link below to watch. I recommend you slide the bar to view each for 2 seconds not 5. I'm going to bed. Sometimes technology sucks the life out of ya!

View slideshow

Looking for some inspiration?


I discovered a new feature on my IE, I can add a blog feed to my favorites quite easily. I realized I had been doing this often and now my list of blog reads is growing. I haven't had time to update the sidebar so I thought I would share a few of the blogs that have been inspiring me lately.

For some good craftiness and great photos...

Melissa (I also go there just to admire the quilt in her banner-Love it!)


Heather-designer of Freshcut fabric

Fun kid stuff
Mama Revival


Yummy food



Notes from the Cookie Jar

Just plain lovely..



and I think one of my favorite blog writers... (she also takes fab photos and built a chicken coop!)

We are off to the Kane County Flea Market to find some treasures and enjoy some time with my mom. Enjoy your Sunday.