My best idea ever...


Okay, probably not my best but it does make life around here a bit easier.


This is what usually happens with all the papers coming home from school. I usually spend half the morning looking for whatever I need in the several piles in the house. It was getting to be to overwhelming so I came up with this.


Plain old binders, gussied up with some scrapbooking paper. One for each girl. Important notes in the front and any artwork or other papers in the back.


I picked up the fancy green 3 hole punch for 2.50. The biggest bonus is that the girls love punching holes in their work and notes so I don't even need to keep up with it. One draw back is that everything Maddie draws has been going into the binder and the girl draws ALOT. I think she needs her own binder or maybe an entire shelf of binders.


See what I mean? She likes to draw and write and create. There is no getting rid of anything she makes. I really need to come up with a system for all of this work.


(note the words up there say "fashion models", maybe they shouldn't watch project runway.)


A better system than Maddie sticking whatever she wants to the wall with whatever she can find that sticks. I should probably be upset about this sticking but how can I be mad at a little girl so proud of all that amazing work.
I'm thinking maybe a full wall of homasote that she can stick work to her hearts desire.