I posted a bit back about trying out sewing pants. My first pair was a bit small and needed some adjustment but I tried again and came up with 2 pairs I was pleased with. I do believe there will be lots of homemade pants in our future.

Maddie Pocket Pants

This pair was made from a thrifted woman's corduroy skirt and a few pieces from a vintage sheet.

Maddie in T-Shirt pants

This pair was cut from a woman's extra large t-shirt. It was my first time working with knit fabric and it came out great. I will not fear the knits anymore, okay, not fear it as much. Not bad for $2.50.

I am really enjoying making clothes for the girls. There is this level of satisfaction watching them head out the door in clothing that came from my hands. Hand-knitted hats keeping their heads cozy and skirts that they twirl around in. Go on give it a try, you can do it too.

Things I love....Thursday, Friday, Saturday


As usual with me there are big plans and little follow through. That's what happened with my week of posts. Well, that and we took off for a much needed night away at an indoor water park. Mind if play catch up? Didn't think you would.

Things I love: Thursday....


everyone decked out in "flip-n-flops" for our trip to the pool. (and the fact that I am so accustomed to calling them flip-n-flops that I forget they are flip flops)

Things I love: Friday


Getting to borrow baby cuties like Mikey. What a little dream baby. I love having 15 nieces and nephews.

Things I love: Saturday


The fashion confidence of the under 6 set. If only I felt as comfortable in a green shirt, maroon dress, red tights and cowgirl boots.

Hope you found lots of things to love this week and Happy Spring!


Yep, those are tulips from my yard. I do really, really love Spring and getting to play in my garden again.

Things I Love: Wednesday


Secrets, I've got one and I'm not telling. (No, I'm not pregnant).

Do you have a secret?

Things I Love: Tuesday


Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos

Nap/Restime. A little nap for Maddie and and hour or so of independent creative playtime for Annie. Mom gets a little rest in too.

What do you love about Tuesday (or nap time)?

Things I Love: Monday



Sharing my love of horses with my mom and my girls.

What do you love about Monday?

Things I Love: Sunday



The slow pace of Sundays. Reading the newspaper, extra cups of coffee and making a big mess on the kitchen table. This week with a new set of watercolors.

What do you love about Sunday?

Mama Says Om: Joy



The calendar says it's March 13Th but it's 71 degrees,
Hop over the laundry baskets, throw the dishes in the sink.
No hats or mittens, no not today.
Cheese Nips for breakfast and doughnuts for lunch.
Off to the woods we go, let's stomp in the creek.
Grab Autumn's, leash she'll want to come.
Wait, I need my camera, maybe a snack or two.
Let's get some coffee on the way and kool-aid is okay for you.

Tomorrow we can wash the clothes, the dishes will be there too.
We can have fruit for breakfast and veggies for lunch.
Tomorrow we'll fill your cups with milk and juice.
Tomorrow can be like any day but today, oh joy today....

The calendar says it's March 13Th but it's 71 degrees.


More Mama Says Om

View More pictures here.

A year of handmade gifts and some knitting news.


First, Thank you all for all the warm birthday wishes and blog birthday wishes. It was so nice to hear from everyone. I think I may be the only 36 year old that still loves a birthday.-I'll get back to you on that one when I turn 40.

A bit back I mentioned that I might give a try at a Year Of Handmade Gifts. Well, I decided to go for it. Our first birthday gift was a few weeks late, but, much appreciated. I made another little art tote like the one for our swap. (Sorry, I forgot to get a picture).

This weekend we had two birthday parties to attend, one for a 1 year old and one for a 5 year old. It seems once you hit preschool there are many more parties. I had an apron set leftover from the craft show I did last fall, so the 5 year old gift was done.

Apron Set

I think I will pick-up some fabric for more of these, they are quick and great for all ages.

I wanted to make something special for the little one year old guy next door. Turning one is such a big deal and we don't have many boys about to buy for.

Here is the little set with Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaur book by Sandra Boynton

Dino Set

I picked up the onsie at Target and used leftover fabric from the craft show (gotta recoup the investment ya know) to applique the dinosaur. The book and shirt were stuffed inside the tote. I am hooked on these little initial totes. They are such an easy way to make a personalized gift and the tote is perfect for the filling up and dumping out stage. I didn't even line the bag this time. Easy-peasey. I was thinking it would be fun to find vintage books and make up little sets based on the books.

My neighbor was so pleased with the gift. When little Mason was born I knit a hat for him and she told me it was the only handmade gift he had received. I really enjoy giving these little handmade gifts but find myself a bit embaressed when they open up the present and ohh and ahh. Any of you have the same experience?

So I was wondering if any of you out there might like to join in on the Year Of Handmade Gifts. I thought it would be a fun challenge. Please let me know if you are interested, I could make a little button and a flickr group to show off all the great ideas ya'll come up with.

And as promised a little knitting news....

1st Pair o knitted Socks

On those cute little legs you see my very first pair of knitted socks! They are terribly wonky with dropped stitches and holes and all sorts of mistakes but gosh darn-it they are socks. I used some random thrifted yarn so that there was little monetary investment and I am pleased as punch. I may possibly be hooked on making socks. I used a pattern from here. A big thank you goes to Jen for encouraging me to give it a go.
Next knitting project is a Harry Potter scarf for my 8 year old nephew- a birthday gift. He has given me until the new movie comes out to finish.

Handy Annie


The dresser in Annie's room came with two sets of knobs; black and white. When we put together the dresser I put the black ones on and stuck the bag of white ones in her top drawer. It appears my little girl has had a growth spurt because the other day she came into my room holding the bag and said "Mommy, I want to change my handles to the white ones". "Okay, Annie" I replied, "We'll work on it in a little while". Off I went to finish up my closet organizing. An hour or so later I went into her room to put away laundry and this is what I found...


"Um, Annie did you change the knobs on your dresser?"
"Yes, Mommy, I wanted them white".
"How did you do it?"
"Oh, all you have to do is turn it like this." (precedes to show me how to turn it)
"Okay, nice job kiddo."

A few days before we had been playing office and I let the girls use an old adding machine I inherited from my friend Marcia (thanks Marcia's Uncle). Madison stuffed a bunch of coins into it and jammed it up. When I went in to investigate Annie says "Mommy, we need to get a screwdriver and take off the bottom, then we can get the money out." "Okay, let's give it a try." A little bit of grease later all fixed.

It appears I have a new person to make Honey-Do Lists for in the house.

Does this count as a gift?


Click Here.

Thanks to William at Never Trust a Skinny Chef.

Happy Belated 1st Blog Birthday to me.....

and 36Th birthday! Wow, it's amazing how fast a year can go by. I had such a wonderful birthday morning, starting out with this...

Birthday Flowers

Followed by this...

Birthday Note

and then the giving of these...


Does it get any better than that?

Well, maybe a picture like this...

Little Thief

The rest of the day was not as warm and fuzzy but I did get a lovely little nap and watched a great old movie, You Can't Take It With You. My poor dear of a husband is so very sick and tried his best but I think he over did it and wiped himself out by midday.

Last year I started this blog to chronicle a year in my life and that of my family. It has been such a wonderful experience for me. I take so many more pictures of the little moments in our day. I can look back and see how much the girls have changed and I only have to click on the archives to see how much we do in the course of a year. If I had posted all the entries I wrote in my mind and never published I would probably triple my entries. When I began the blog I was at a point where I felt like a "hamster on a wheel" I still feel that way on occasion but I think this blog has made me focus on the important parts of being a parent. I worry less about the housework (sorry Dan) and spend more time creating and playing with the kids.

I was reading my first few posts and realized I had been very little crafting at the onset. Sewing, knitting and other crafting have become daily or weekly occurrences instead of monthly or yearly. I have moved into my loft and am in the process of setting up a work space. I have sold some of my goodies and given many more as gifts. Even with working evenings I have found time to create and I am more relaxed for it.

I have found many more women who blog and through those connections I have found how universal the experience of being a mother to young children is. We may all choose to parent in different ways, but, the trials and joys are really the same. Somehow the experiences of women around the world has made my own more joyful as I feel amazingly less isolated.

More than anything else I have been able to share with all of you that come and visit. Often, when I see one of my friends they will comment on one of the links or posts. It always takes me by surprise. I forget that so many of you take time out of your lives to share in a bit of ours, for that I thank you. Your comments, whether online or in person, are always appreciated. I hope you have enjoyed this past year with us. I am so excited to see what the next year holds.

I had hoped to have some blog birthday gifts for all of you, but, my days have been filled with trips to the doctor, filling prescriptions and chasing cooped up children around the house.

Fun with Sara (and Modge Podge)


Sara and I originally came up with the idea of the guest blog when my camera went out, but as always life with kids foils the best laid plans of mommies. Instead we got this together right in time to fill the blogging void while I am tending to my 2 sick kids (strep throat) and very sick husband. Please enjoy this great idea from one of my dearest friends. We lost touch during the college years and reconnected just in time for her to be a wonderful mommy mentor to me. Thanks Sara for all the advice, support, naptime chats and laughs.

Hi. I’m Sara the guest blogger for Marytree. Her camera is broken right now and she’s been longing for pictures to post. I told her about a craft that I was planning to do with my kids and she asked me to take snaps and write it up for her blog. So here I go. Disclaimer: I stole this idea from Rosie O’Donnell.

I first started out with a three pack of smallcanvases from the craft store.
Look a blank canvas

I let my three daughters paint them up any way they pleased.


Let it dry, then coat it with Modge Podge (found at craft stores). It applies with a milky, white coating that will dry clear. Find a photo of the artist that you think suits the work. Position it wherever you think it will look best. Use Modge Podge to adhere it to photo, then coat the whole thing with more Modge Podge.


It dries clear and looks rather impressive.
Finished works

(We were snowed in on the day before Valentine’s Day, so I used this method with things around the house to make fun valentines for my husband and kids.)

Thanks, Mary, for this fun little entry into your blogging world! SB