I'm hitting myself over the head.....


Last year around christmas I had this idea for an ipod for the preschool set. I wanted to call it a TodPod. It would have nice big buttons, be rugged (drop in the tub rugged) and have icons that the preschooler could identify to scroll through songs instead of the names. You could access songs and stories online and download. It would have big headphones etc. I couldn't figure out what to do with the idea. I asked a few family members what they thought. I got hmmm, maybe to that's a great idea, but no one knew how to market it. So there was my little idea festering about in my head all year until today and the commerical and and and and there it was all neat and packaged and with songs and links and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Fisher Price FP3 Player!

Go, just go ahead and check it out, buy one for all I care, It was still my idea first just because I don't get any royalties doesn't mean can't still take credit for a great idea, right?

TodPod is still a better name and it's mine Mr. Apple Computer you can't have it!


Jenn said...

how frustrating! I think todpod is a much, much better name!