Just Don't Roar.



Each color was chosen with care. Each line placed just so. To you, to me, she was a little girl painting her face. To her she was a little girl transforming into a cheetah.

The transformation complete, we wandered into the animal hospital. She held my hand and asked with great concern, "Do you think I will scare anybody?"
"Just don't roar" I responded with just as much seriousness.

If only transforming was so still so easy.


Anonymous said...

I cracked up at this one! "just don't roar" Classic!


Jane said...

So cute. Jane x

Monster Librarian said...

I awarded you the Premio Dardos Award. See here: http://misadventuresofmonsterlibrary.blogspot.com/2009/01/misadventures-in-awards.html