Hold on to the wall



When I think about kids and firsts I think of the first smile, first steps and first steps. We are well past all of those at this point but there are still plenty of firsts. We have been enjoying first days of school and first times pumping a swing all alone. Monday we headed to the roller rink for the first time. I knew that it would be a bit challenging for the girls but roller skating was always one of my favorite activities as a girl and I've been nostalgic for the days of skating down the block.
Like everything else around here the girls responses are so very different. I prepped Annie that she would probably fall down a bunch and have to practice "a lot." An early hard fall sidelined her for a bit but she calmed her self down and grabbed onto the wall and was wobbly but confident by the end. Maddie was Maddie and her only complaint was that she wanted to go really fast. She tooled around in her own way oblivious to the falls and the other speeding skaters. Here's a little video of Maddie's first skating... you can hear and see Annie crying at my side...Listen for the "ouch". Now go grab some pompoms, stick a comb in your back pocket (thanks Sara) and lace up your skates.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that was so sweet I miss the girls sooo much.
You should come visit!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Maddie is really good......We need to get out there. My girls would love it. amy

Lori said...

a *goody* comb in the back pocket ;^)

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to laugh but that was cute and funny video. Miss seeing you guys.


mary said...

Laugh all you want. I've seen it 20 times and I still chuckle. I love how completely involved and serious and proud of herself she is. I'm sure in her head she is gracefully gliding along.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet video - we miss you guys - I can't wait to show Tori how big her girls are getting :)