Friday Annie turned 7. So how about 7 great things about Annie, oops Anya as she now prefers to be called.

1. She has a smile that could light up the whole world.
2. Each morning she looks at the weather page in the newspaper. (Silly, but I totally love this).
3. She dances when she thinks no one is watching.
4. She is kind.
5. Her two favorite foods are Minestrone soup and salad.
6. She plays "book club" at recess, traveling to other worlds and times.
7. When asked "If you could be anyone else, who would it be?" She responded "me". (Why be anyone else when being Anya is so great!)

The greatest thing about Anya is that she is mine and I get go along for the ride. Watching my amazing little baby grow into to a confident, creative, kind little girl. Happy birthday Annie.


Amy said...

I love it Mary! Anya is gorgeous and does light up the world with her smile. I am lucky to be her Aunt!

Jen said...

What a doll! Happy birthday to your growing-up girl!

mary said...

Thanks Amy and Jen.

Lori said...

happy happy birthday wishes :^)

Sara said...

An 8th thing about Annie is that she has an incredible MOM!

mary said...

I will pass on the birthday wishes Lori and thanks Sara. We need to get together soon.

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Wow, a happy belated to your little girl. She does have a smile that lights up the world. :) I love the 7 things you chose to share--so precious.