Face Off Barbie style


Anya (10) and Maddie (8) love watching the SyFy Show Face Off. It is a reality show for special effects make-up artists. Being on syfy the challenges typically focus on creatures, aliens and the like. The girls are fascinated by the process and love rooting for their favorite artists. One night I went in tho Anya's room to say goodnight and found a bunch of their barbies covered in clay. While they may not have realized they were being inspired by their Face Off viewing I picked up on it right away. Last night I mentioned that maybe we should do a Face Off challenge with their Barbies. I would give them a challenge and they would use clay and whatever else to implement their vision. They were up bright and early this morning and had started their own challenges before I even came downstairs. They combined two of their favorite things Face Off and Skylanders the video game that uses action figures to play. Each girl chose two Skylander creatures that they used to inspire their make-up creation on a Barbie. They first drew out their designs and then began to fabricate. They each came up with a back story for the creation. I have to say I was never a fan of Barbie as a plaything for my girls but if she can be used as a prop to such creative endeavors she will always be welcome in our toy box. I am beyond impressed with the results. How about you?

Anya's drawing
Anya's Creature in Progress
Anya's Reveal
Maddie's Reveal
Anya's second reveal I didn't get pictures of Maddie's second reveal. She was having an artists moment of discontent which was fine. It was a great process and I can't wait to see what else inspires them. S