New look


Allright, it's here my new holiday look. It's been about 9 months since I started this darned thing and I haven't changed my look yet. Blogger just added a new feature which makes changing the look eaiser so look for more changes to come.
I am not particularly pleased with the new look so it may change tomorrow or the next day. This is about as close to decorating for christmas as I have gotten. I did get the house tidied up today so that we can bring the tree up in the morning (my house must be tidied up before bringing up the decorations) and I made Dan leave the tree intact in the basement so I wouldn't have to fluff for hours.
Yes a fake tree at our house it is. For many years Dan and I would go to the tree farm, walk the rows and pick a tree. I would find the perfect tree and he would cut it down. The pain of it all. Each year I got sadder and sadder as we cut down the tree. The last year we went to the farm I spied all these bird nests in the trees and felt horrible. I actually argued with Dan to let me pay for the tree and leave it there, in the ground. I said I would go back every year and pay for it so it wouldn't get cut down. Umm, he didn't really go for it and the next year we were off to American Sale for a fake one. Ugh. I am so torn, I hate the fake tree but can't kill anymore.....
Anyhoo... hope you enjoy the new look and I'll let you know how the decorating comes along.
Must get ready for tomorrow Maddie and I have to don our black duds for an incognito snipping of some sumac and pine boughs to add to the decorations.