TuTu's and Tonka Trucks



Finding a balance in life is never an easy thing. Finding a balance in your parenting can be very difficult, particularly with all the differing opinions on how one should raise a child. This morning I walked into the play room to find Madison happily placing dolls in her Tonka truck while wearing her favorite outfit of the moment. (as soon as we walk in the door she strips down and puts this on, at least she doesn't try to wear it out.)
Sometimes it is our children that provide the much needed balance in our lives. I am so glad she feels comfortable both dancing in her TuTu's (one for the top and one for the bottom) and pushing around a big truck.


Hope you find some balance in your day.


Anonymous said...

I like the red one. I think my last post was confused. I also like seeing Miss Maddie in her element.