Big Wheels


I have been enjoying Kids Craft Weekly for a few months now. Each e-issue Amber puts together a theme of activities for the preschool set. Past issues have included mail, transport and food. The issues are always filled with easy, crafts that kids can really do. You should all go check it out because there are so many great ideas. Amber has a spot where you can sign-up to have your blog featured. Well I sent in my blog and I am the featured blog of the issue, Wheels. I thought maybe I should plan a related activity for the girls to post on the blog. So here are our Air-Powered Big Wheels.

cylinders (we found out later that the smaller ones worked better)
plastic tops
paper to cover
crayons or other to decorate
hot glue gun
tape or glue for the paper

Start by choosing your cylinder..


Cover your cylinders and tops with the paper and decorate. Choose tops for your cylinder that are larger in diameter.


Mom or dad should use the hot glue gun to glue tops to the cylinders, think Star Wars Tie Fighters.

Hot glue gun

Once you have your big wheels you need something to propel them. We tried out a couple different air movers.

Air power tools

A folded paper fan, a paper plate, a book, a balloon pump and Annie made her own little green air mover.

Now for the real fun. Set up a track. We put down tape about 8 feet apart on our hallway floor.

Air Powered wheels 2

Pick your big wheel and air mover.
Ready, Set, Go-Blow.......

Air powered wheels

Using a Book

We had a great time racing each other and trying out all the different big wheels and air movers.

Big wheels

Hope you have as much fun with this as we did.


jessica said...

That looks like great fun. We love Kids Craft Weekly too. We will have to get spinning tomorrow.