Mini Swap makes it to Seattle


Our Mini Swap package made it to Seattle! It seems everyone enjoyed their little goodies.

The little boy said He's "been wanting something like this for practically ever now."

artbookswap2 artbookswap

It is a sewn art folio with spots for colored pencils and notebooks. Annie drew a picture that we scanned and turned into stationary. We added some drawing paper and a few hangman games and dots games. My favorite part was the little pouch that held pennies and dimes for the tic-tac-toe board. The inspiration for that came while playing my first game of tic-tac-toe with Annie. I am so pleased it was just what B had been wanting for so long!

This was a gift for both kids, our own version of Animal Bingo.

It is one of our favorite games at home, I found a great site with animal clipart, sorry I can't remember where, and printed them out. Annie and Maddie helped with the cutting and gluing and then we had it all laminated. Annie did all the writing and it took quite a few sit-downs for her to finish them up.

The Mitten goodies

Our swap partners said that their little girl loves Jan Brett and Hedgie so I looked up the Jan Brett web site and found tons of great stuff. I decided to print up the animals from The Mitten, one of our favorite books, and make a little mitten tote for them to go into. I had been wanting to try printing on fabric after seeing these pillows all over at christams time and this over at Kiddley. It was so very easy and the little animals looked great. I just used the June Tailor stuff at Michaels. Annie did most of the embrodiary on the mitten and Maddie helped me stuff them all up, gotta put them tiny fingers of hers to work in the sweatshop, and Annie and Maddie ran them through their paces several times before we wrapped them up.

I included some Fannie May chocolates (very Chicago) and a little wrist cuff for the Mommy. It was really a great experience for all of us and it got me to look around the house and find things we already had that would make for great gifts. I am inspired to shoot for an entire year of handmade gifts......Hmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

You are one cool mommy! We should all try and have a little "Marytree" in all of us. The world would be a better place...

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of an entire year of handmade gifts. Not sure I can do that for all the kiddie birthday parties for school friends, but for loved ones... I'm going to give that a whirl.