Any excuse for cake....


On friday Maddie asked me to dress her stuffed animals for a party. I got to work dressing 30 or so animals and she informed me that it was her stuffed kitties birthday. That sounded like a perfect excuse to bake a cake and have a party.


Everyone arrived in their finest attire.


The cake was decorated.


Presents were wrapped.


Everyone waited patiently for the guest of honor.


Kitty was so surprised and pleased.


She especially loved her new necklace and newspaper.

I love, love, love 3.


Lifedreamed said...

what fun! 3 is such a delightful age.

Michele Moore said...

What a fun day! And what a great mom to stop everything and enjoy this special occasion. I love that she came up with an idea and you helped her run with it. You even baked a cake. Great job mom!


Jane said...

aaah, how cute! even now we still have the odd teddybears picnic. (usually in the hols when we have run out of other things to do)

Monster Librarian said...

Such a fun age! Hope your other daughter is enjoying Kindergarten!

Anonymous said...

I love it that Autumn the dog came to the party too.

mary said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments. Autumn could barely contain herself from going after the cake, but she was a very polite guest and even cleaned up all the crumbs.

MJ said...

Very sweet post! My kids are busy camping these days, no doubt inspired by Curious George!

Unknown said...

That is SO CUTE. I remember making picture day for Yubi, my son's stuffed animal at school. Everyone else got their picture taken, so I made pictures to share with the class of Yubi.

Maybe if I'm lucky, one of my nieces stuffed animals will have a birthday soon. Can't wait.

The dog in the photo is priceless. I'm sure he was happy to join the festivities.

Bette said...

how cuuuute! i wish i could do the same bonding session with my little girl when she reach that age. i really like your site and added you in my blog roll (i hope you don't mind =).

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Just happened upon this blog while taking a break from work today (I'm an Intake Caseworker for a Child Care Services Agency that helps low-income parents find and pay for day care). You have a sweet little blog here! Your daughters look precious and you seem like such a fun mother! I'm in the process of planning my wedding and hopes for children are in my every time I see things like your blog I get that mother-y feeling inside. :) Thanks for sharing your daily activities. The birthday party for Maddie's kitty looks like it was a success! (And it certainly was a bright spot in MY day!)

Karen said...

How fun! A tea party for everyone. :) And I am in love with your daughter's tights.

By the way, you've been tagged. Six random things about yourself, and pass it on to six others. Who invents these things?

marta said...

oh my goodness. this is my smile for the day. wow. so sweet. what a cute mom you are. am glad i found your blog!