One swings and one climbs


We went to one of our favorite fall festivals on Sunday. They had a set-up for climbing 30 feet or so up in a tree using ropes and a foot ascender. We waited in a fairly long line and watched many kids shimmy up the ropes and some struggle up the ropes.
Maddie took the first turn and was too small to climb but got high enough to take a brave swing over mommies head.


Annie ended up on the tallest rope and was determined to climb to the top. I had my doubts and the man belaying wasn't sure she could even get going. But get going she did. I watched as she climbed


and climbed


and climbed


and climbed


all the way to the top, all the while smiling away. In the end I didn't think we were going to get her down. Who could argue with her after such and accomplishment and such a wonderful of view from the tree.


Karen said...

That looks so fun for kids!

Monster Librarian said...

Wow! Your kids seem amazing, and so brave! You guys must be great parents. :)

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Good for her! So brave and strong!

Jane said...

Wow! well done Annie and Maddie, what an amazing achievement. (i don't think either Alice or Emily would manage that)