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the love....the Locks of Love that is.

Yesterday Annie, Maddie and I cut off a total of 28 inches of hair. Annie's and my hair were donated to Locks of Love and Maddie's will go to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths (they take 8 inches and you need 10 for Locks if Love.)


We had been talking about doing this for a few months. I've donated in the past and brought the idea up with the girls. At first they weren't so sure and then Annie was fully onboard. She decided that she would look like Snow White with short hair. Maddie never fully committed but the kid only had one haircut in 4 years-(yeah, I know, what sorta mom am I-the kind that couldn't stand to part with the hair that had been on her head since birth. Um, yep, I'm that sentimental.) Once we went to the salon she was game and 4 pigtails were made and measured. The girls were so excited and I almost cried. I was so amazingly proud of them. Annie said "I'll have Snow White hair and some other little girl will have a wig of Snow White hair." Such a simple way to teach kids about giving and so very personal. And well, they look so darn cute to boot. "New short summer hair" - Annie



I had been planning to cut my hair but was going to make an appointment for another day but I got caught up in all the cutting and joined in the fun. I'll post a picture of my new do when I get Dan to take a shot. I'm going to miss their cute little pigtails but I had Annie's hair brushed in 2 seconds this morning with not a single whine. Bliss.


Anonymous said...

Wow so short!!!! They look so cute though!! I miss you guys!


amy said...

how cute! congratulations! that's way way cool. love it.

Grafted Branch said...

My Fifi did this too, a couple of years ago. Her hair was so long though, that when they took the 10 inches, it was still past her shoulders!

Your girls' new doos look sooooooo cute. :)

But best is the lesson--the sense of sacrifice, validation and blessing that they experienced being uniquely equipped to give, as they were.

Becky said...

You're braver than I am - The Bee has only had one haircut and one trim, and she's going to be four. I can't imagine her with short hair, although I would like to brush it without a fight in the morning.

Also, good for the girls, learning about saving and sacrifice and helping others.

sulu-design said...

Wow - that's one beautiful post. The haircuts are simply adorable, but obviously, the intent behind them is what makes them so lovely. Congratulations on teaching such an important lesson.

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful anyway...
I'm thinking about cutting mine too...
regards from Barcelona

mary said...

Thanks everyone. We've been living with our hair for a week now and we all love it. So easy and fun.

Anonymous said...

She does look like Snow White! Thanks for the updates I miss you guys keep it up please.

Uncle Paulie

Hobocamp Crafts said...

they look adorable with their bobs!