Six, Six, Six years for Annie


It's all happened so fast. The crawling, the eating, the walking and even the riding. I stood by you through each of your milestones, cheering, encouraging, supporting and yes shedding a bit of tears. Now you are six. Six years with you in our lives, six years of watching you grow and change and yet you are still my little baby. I wish I could stop the clock so that you will always need me as you do now but more milestones and growing awaits you and really, I love watching you grow. Happy Birthday my little slice of heaven. I love you.






Seriously, she was one darn beautiful little baby. I'm just sayin'.


Sarah M said...

Mary, I have been reading your blog for some time now - not exactly sure how long - and I am not exactly sure who's blog I was on that linked to yours - anyhow... I loved today's post. I resonate with it - my post from yesterday should explain :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annie! We love you and miss you....Aunt Amy, Uncle Mike, Sofia and Ally.

And yes, Mary, she was a beautiful baby and still is!

Anonymous said...

She not only was a beautiful baby, she is a beautiful young girl now, inside and out! You have done a wonderful job Mary. You have a lot to be proud of!!! Happy birthday Annie bananie and Logi gogi, the two cutest bookends I've ever seen...

taisa said...

Yup, I'd have to agree- she's pretty darn cute! Happy birthday!