4th of July Fun...




I totally dig the 4th of July. It's all about fun and family and friends and yeah, food. We had all of the above and more. Hope you all enjoyed yours.

The new kidmade challenge is up, a few days late. Oh well, go on check it out. And I added a button for a new flickr goup, all about free or almost free fun for kids.


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! Is that Ally in the second one?


mary said...

I think so. She was making a heart.

Anonymous said...

Sparklers are the most dangerous fire work out there. More children get hurt by sparklers than any other fire work. Its like giving your child a welding rod it burns at 1800 degrees.


mary said...

We'll you know we just sent them all off on their own and let em have at it. I even gave Annie the matches and they were just fine. Thanks for the words of caution Uncle Paulie.