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I hope you all checked out the link for the Train Stop Dress giveaway by Kathleen of Grosgrain. Not that I want you all to get in on the action I would really love that dress. Can you believe she makes them and then just gives them away. Wow. I have this theory that there are people that have more hours in their day than others...She is definitly one of those.
So onto the other randomness for the day...
A few nights ago I got in the car after work and started to pull out, for some reason I looked at the odometer and what did I see...


Super exciting.


This is Annie modeling another handmade gift. It's basically the same dress as this one but a bit more refined. I shaped the top piece of the bodice and gave the front a bit more fullness, which I love. I used some clearence fabric from Joannes and the ribbon was a piece I picked up in New York here. The fitting was easy on this one, it was for my 7 year old niece, Ally and she is the same size as Annie. I went with criss-cross straps for the back because well I just love them. A few more shots.



I've been really trying to clean-up my act while sewing, paying attention to loose threads and wonky seams. My new found love for this is the french seam, easy to do and no raw edges. I really am planning to do a little tutorial for this dress. The more times I sew it the more I learn. Next one is going to be in linen with maybe some freezer paper stencils or some free motion sewing....hmmmm I do need a darning foot for my machine.

Have a great weekend.


taisa said...

What a beautiful dress- I especially love the back- please do make a tutorial!

Nicole said...

this is so cute! you did a great job!

Anonymous said...

i would love to whip up something like this for my little girl. unfortunately i don't know how to use an elastic thread.

will wait for the tute :D

mary said...

I learned how to do the shirring using this tutorial. It does take some fiddling but really easy.
good luck. Mary

momofthreeboys said...

oh where oh where has my little marytree gone?
oh where oh where could she be?
with her cute little girls
with sweet little curls
blah, blah, blah..........

you know i am miss uncrafty, but i must have updates on you.....

miss you, love you all.