Where I've Been Since July.....


helping the girls learn how to do this....




Bike rides are so much more fun with no training wheels and no Burley. We've been putting our new found skills to lots and lots and lots of practice.

Sorry to have disappeared with out a word, we are all doing well. There is more of what we have been upto to come.

I'm off to take a little siesta.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! i just checked in and was wondering what happened to you! I know it has been busy at the marytree household and vice versa. I am actually on here for some inspiration, which I am lacking right now. I like reading your other reccomeded blogs. Have a good nap!

momofthreeboys said...

i miss that cul-de-sac. i can't believe everyone is without training wheels. can you say "baby-fever"?.........i don't know about you, but i've got it something fierce...........miss you so much! L

Anonymous said...

A little bird told me you went apple picking yesterday (but she had to clean up her nest). I said, hmmm... I'll bet Mary put up a post. And I was right.
I love the picture of Annie in the middle. Absolutely gorgeous- I might steal it for a craft I'm thinking of for the grandparents. (If that's cool with you)
Love you all!

mary said...

Of couse, no pictures of the apple picking yet.

L, we miss having you all next door to zoom around the cul de sac with us. And yep I have baby fever something fierce-did I just type that?

Summer sorry to have disappeared. It's all Siddhartha's fault.

Anonymous said...

i think disappearing for the summer is completely acceptable. ;^)