Yummy Snowmen


How about a sugary little winter project? Seriously, Maddie ate one half of one of these and was running circles around the house.

White Chocolate Marhsmallow Snowmen

20 lollipop sticks
2lbs white chocolate (I buy a big block at a local store- about 1.50 a pound- you could probably use chips or almond bark)
About a cup of milk or dark chocolate
60 big marshmallows (plus extra for munching)
20 small marshmallows
Thin pretze sticks cut in half
Assorted candies and chips for decorating
We used what I had:candy corn, chocolate chips cut up, sprinkles. Mini m&m's would be good or mini chocolate chips.
Wax Paper

Melt the white chocolate over a double boiler or using a fondue pot. I used an electric fondue pot and it works great. I can adjust the temp so no burnt chocolate. I melted the milk chocolate in the microwave and rewarmed as needed.

Put 3 large marshmallows onto a lollipop stick.

Swirl in white chocolate to coat. Shake of the excess.

Lay on a sheet of wax paper and start decorating. Attach pretzels for arms and have at it with the other decorations, eyes, nose, buttons, mouth etc.

Add the small marshmellow to the top and let cool on counter or pop in the freezer. The white chocolate needs to harden before you dip in the milk chocolate. Once hardened dip just the tops in the melted milk chocolate to make the hats.

Again let cool or put in the freezer. Put in a cellophane bag, tie off with a ribbon and done. Super simple, a bit on the messy side but the girls had a blast.

Oh don't forget to eat, maybe while reading Snowmen at Night- one of our favorite winter books.


Anonymous said...


Those are the cutest snowmen ever! We are going to make them over break.

xox Amy

Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! Love the picture of Maddie at the end!


Anonymous said...

Love the snowmen! I may have to make those for all the kids that are going to be at my house on Christmas Eve! Im sure that the parents will thank me. lol.

Grafted Branch said...

The idea of her running circles around the house made us all laugh. The pictures made us want to do this craft too! Maybe this week...