I laid on the couch, Maddie in the crook of my arm, watching the historic moment. I listened to the speeches and singing, the poetry and the oath. Her breath slowed, and her fingers found the comforting lock of her hair. I gently brushed a kiss on her head and squeezed a bit tighter. She was soon fast asleep, safe and warm next to her mama. The troubles of the greater world are lost on her at 4 years old; the excitement of the day was found in the inauguration cupcake, not in the swearing in of President Obama.
One day she will sit in class and learn about this moment. Maybe she'll ask if I remember. One day her children will learn about this moment and ask me if I remember. I'll tell them that I remember laying on the couch and holding close in my arms the future of this great country and watching what happens when the American people fight for change. From Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King to all of the unknown faces that fought for equality.
Earlier I had talked with Annie about the importance of this moment. She heard the words that people were often denied based on the color of their skin, but she could not understand. She sees herself with dark skin, her sister with light skin, cousins of every different color and still they are all family and all equal. She understood it was an important moment but finished are conversation with this insight.....
"if we are all equal than why hasn't a girl ever been president?"
Soon baby soon.


Monster Librarian said...

This was wonderful!