Enjoying the last days of summer



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Cara said...

I don't think I've said this in awhile, so I'll say it again. Your girls are gorgeous, and I miss them.

Jane said...

Wow your girls are growing up so fast, i can't believe how they have changed over the last two years of blogging. My two are moving on so quickly as well, Em is 13 - 14 after Christmas, and Ali is in her last year at Uni and now 22 ! where has the time gone? Jane x

mary said...

Thanks Cara and Jane I can't even imagine my babies at 14 and 22. Isn't it amazing how they seem exactly the same each day but when you look back over a year you realize how much they have changed. I feel kinda sad that the blogging has been sparse because I've missed documenting some of those changes but I think I've been a bit more present in the moment.