Teacher Gifts 2011


Teacher gifts 2011

So this is a bit of a recycled idea but it's a favorite with the teachers and not a repeat for any of this years teachers. This was the original gift. This year I chose to use fabric in the school colors. I asked the girls to draw pictures with the school mascot a lion (or loin as Maddie wrote). I used printable fabric for the artwork. I had the girls look at some pillows for inspiration and they designed the pillows from there. It was fun to have them lay out the fabric and do some of the sewing. Maddie enjoyed the sewing a bit more than Anya. I would have had them do more but I put off getting this done until this week and most of the sewing happened after bedtime.

Anya's Pillow

Maddie's pillow

The quilts were for the art and music teachers. The girls love their specials teachers and their art teacher is retiring so we wanted to do something special for her. I didn't use a pattern, just pieced together the scraps from the pillow and stitched. It's been so long since I have done any sewing and it felt so nice to get back to the machine...

Quilt 1Quilt 2

and you know it feels nice to back to this space.