I'm gonna do it....


Allright, for a really long time I have had this crazy notion that I should enter a pie in my local fair. It was kinda one of those "someday I am going to enter a pie into the county fair." Well, last year I was at the Sandwich Fair and saw all these vegetables, flowers, cakes and pies that were entered and thought I could do this. I went to the web site this year and found out you could enter knitting and sewing and collections and all sorts of crafty suzy homemaker kinds of stuff. So I thought maybe I should give it a whirl this year. I did a bit of searching of blogs to see if people do this-people as in crazy 35-ish gals from the suburbs -and gosh oh my I found
State Fair Along

I signed up a bit ago and waffled on whether to enter or not, a friend of mine even gave me a premium book (that's where you find out all the catergories). I would page through, dream of fair glory and put it down. The deadline loomed, the deadline was today.
So after dropping Annie off at school Maddie, Autumn and I went for a lovely drive in the country to sign mommy up for the local fair! I am officially entering items in

Category 6 Entry 5461 Soft Molasses Cookies
Category 12 (Color Digital Prints) Entry 5191 Patriotic (image of statue of liberty)
Catergory 4 (Black and White Prints) Entry 5231 Child Life
Category 11 Entry 4291 Apron, kitchen, without bib
Category 16 Entry 4416 Tote bag
Category 22 Entry 4440 Stuffed Animal, any other dressed

Here is my Digital Print entry


Here is my Black and White entry


Not sure on the apron, I may try to whip one out this weekend, the stuffed animal will be my red bunny from the wee wonderfuls pattern and I have not picked a tote bag.


(Just returning to this post after a 4 hour hiatus and now it's Project Runway Time.)

So if you are anywhere near the sandwich fair be sure to check it out. It is tons of fun with all the good fair stuff: monster trucks, antique tractors, a train ride, carnival, pork chop dinner, animals galore and my little bits of handmade goodies looking for a bright blue ribbon. See ya at the fair.


Brotherhood of the Bean said...

Good for you! You are one of the craftiest people we know Marytree. If you don't come home with a ribbon I will be surprised!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

wonderful black and white entry; makes you recall water flying into your face...