Turkey Run!


When Dan and I first started dating we would do some camping. I only remember using a tent when it was snowing. We usually just slept out under the stars. We had both done some backpacking and our camping trips were pretty bare bones affairs. We made coffee in a pot of boiling water with a bandana (not a recommended method) and brought very little food, usually a bottle of wine. As time went on we did less and less camping and then the girls came along. This year I finally convinced Dan that it was time to use that lovely Eureka tent we bought and used once. So we loaded up the car....


Yep, that's a fan and a radio and not only a tent but a rain canopy. So much for the bare bones camping experience. The easily packable bottle of wine was replaced by some Mike's Hard Lemonade and Hard Apple Crisp-yum.

and headed to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. Eveyone enjoyed the trip, even Madison, between her cries of "Wont go hooome, wont go hooome." We did a bit of hiking, ate s'mores, didn't sleep much, hung out at the lodge when it rained, swam in the pool, tried a pony ride, and kept meal cooking to a minimum (cereal in the morning and hot dogs and hamburgers at night). The best part was the hike into the gorge and playing with the sand and sticks in the creek. We also were lucky to see a pair of Indigo Buntings flitting about. There is a great nature center with activities for the kids including feeding the birds in the morning. We saw red-headed woodpecker, downy woodpecker, blue jays and a groundhog.

Camping with the kids may mean 2 times as much stuff and 2 times as many feet to get blisters, but it also means 2 times as many opportunities for really special camping moments. Here are a few of ours:

wedgerockanniemaddie wedgerockannie treewalking

Some great hiking through "giant rocks for dinosaurs"

campfire creekswimming

Their first campfire and a dip in Sugar Creek


This is Annie leaping with glee as she ran across the suspension bridge on our first hike.

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering....where does one plug in a fan while camping out in the wild? Also, is that that "god awful" shirt that Dan is wearing? Let me at that thing.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I'd need a fan, too!

Brotherhood of the Bean said...

That picture of Annie walking on the tree is awesome! So tell me, did you use the bandanna for the coffee this time?? :=)

Mom O Matic said...

We just got back from camping too! Wish I could go back. I'm a tent camper for sure and our minivan was just as stuffed so I know the feeling. But once you get unpacked and sit around the fire you still feel a tiny bit rustic.

Mom O Matic said...

PS - How did you do your banner. I can't figure that one out on my blogger blog and I want to update it. Yours is lovely.