School starting, making crayons and mudpies.


Here I am with all the big talk about my New York adventures and the great blog fodder it would bring. Well, it seems so darn daunting to tackle that big trip, with the many pictures and stories and condense it into a somewhat entertaing blog post. So, I am going to skip the big New York trip until tomorrow when Dan can grab the kiddos and leave me for some uninterrupted time to write. Given that it is 12:30 am and I have just run my fanny off at work all night I thought I would give my addled brain a break and share the easy to write about stuff with ya'll tonight. So here are some of the goings on around here this week.

Annie began her second year of preschool on Monday. This is her walking in to class...


from this picture you would think the girl is a bit shy. Not so much. She ran in said hello and and was right in the thick of it again.

While Annie was off at school, Maddie and I did a bit of harvesting from the garden.


The best part was when Maddie said "Mama, I like pickin' green-beans!" She also made me sit down with her on the bench and enjoy a few beans before we made it inside. Such a smart little girl.

I finally decided to do something about all the broken crayons in the house. I put the girls to work peeling all the paper off (score with a knife first). We then broke them all up and placed in muffin cups with liners and baked at 300 until melted, but not too melted. They didn't come out great but the girls had fun and we have some new crayons. Sorry forgot to take a picture of the crayons. For more on this look here and here.
crayons crayons2

We also did something crazy around here.....

annietoes1 annienails

painted our finger and toe nails. Big fun for both girls. ( I once did a project on household hazardous wastes and have not bought nail polish since, so this was a crazy big deal for us.)

So right from girly girl to mudpies. Our local park district had a mud morning complete with pigs. It was quite fun and definitly muddy.

A tentative start


followed by some mud swimming


then a bit of scooping and ladeling


and onto the grand finale a mud angel.


And thankfully they had big hoses to clean everyone off.

Hope you all had a fun filled week.


Colorsonmymind said...

Oh my goodness that looks so fun! All of it.