Sisters and friends.


Annie and Maddie sleeping
Surprises are fairly commonplace around here. Finding Maddie standing on the kitchen counter in search of a sucker or in my bedroom with a gallon of milk asking for a cup, pleaseeeee are just part of our day. The sheer speed with which toddlers and preschoolers grow and change means that each and every day is an adventure. I myself very often looking at Dan with a shocked grin and a shake of the head. All of those little surprises can be challenging yet bring so much whimsy and laughter to our lives.
What has really bowled me over as a parent are the big surprises, the moments you look at your child and discover not just something about them or being a parent but about humanity itself. My first experience with this was when I stared at Annie as a babe in my arms and felt that over powering sense of love, that knock you over wow moment you have with your first child. What came next was the realization that my parents loved and love me the exact same way. It was a pretty powerful moment to realize that I am that loved.
Recently Annie and Maddie have become more than sisters, they have become friends. They have their own relationship that exists apart from me. I hear them playing in the next room, they may be off to New York City in the Cozy Coupe or discussing how big a giraffe really is. Annie fields questions from Madison and answers with such authority, and Maddie trusts each and everything she says.
While they sit on the couch Annie reaches to hold Madison's hand. I remember doing the same thing with my little brother Nick. It has been so joyful for me to watch this relationship grow.
Family to me is always just that family, you lives are tied to each other in some inexplicable way. We don't always like each other but we do always have love for each other. In watching the girls' journey as sisters I am better able to understand my own family ties. One day I will watch the girls head in their own directions but I will always remember them being this close.


S said...

What a sweet post! I have 2 young children and they adore each other (for right now anyway) It's so sweet to watch!

Knittymama said...

My boys are starting to do the same thing, now that the youngest is almost one. It's so lovely to see them playing together!

Anonymous said...

Yes! It's amazing how loving my kids has helped me to see that I have always been loved, despite all my flaws and youthful lack of faith in that love. Having kids has been so incredibly healing in that way. And watching them with each other, knowing that they'll always have this time in common, is one of my greatest joys.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about this same thing. I love my parents, but the friendship I have with my siblings feels so much deeper. I know my husband feels the same way. It is weird to watch my kids relationship develop and know that if I provide an environment where they can enjoy each other and not end up hating each other that their relationship will probably last and will be much stronger (or maybe just different) than the one that they have with me. I love that! I like realizing that I can affect the way they learn to relate to each other and that it will be something they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. I like that as adults they will be able to turn to each other for help and that they can do that without feeling the "dependency" that one can feel if you have to go to your parents for help. I feel so thankful for my siblings that I also feel excited that my kids might get to share some of that joy when they become adults! Nice post. I am not sure I could have said it so well!