Mama Says Om: Joy



The calendar says it's March 13Th but it's 71 degrees,
Hop over the laundry baskets, throw the dishes in the sink.
No hats or mittens, no not today.
Cheese Nips for breakfast and doughnuts for lunch.
Off to the woods we go, let's stomp in the creek.
Grab Autumn's, leash she'll want to come.
Wait, I need my camera, maybe a snack or two.
Let's get some coffee on the way and kool-aid is okay for you.

Tomorrow we can wash the clothes, the dishes will be there too.
We can have fruit for breakfast and veggies for lunch.
Tomorrow we'll fill your cups with milk and juice.
Tomorrow can be like any day but today, oh joy today....

The calendar says it's March 13Th but it's 71 degrees.


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Anonymous said...

Will you be my mom too?

Alison Peters said...

I love your photos. Fantastic.