Things I love....Thursday, Friday, Saturday


As usual with me there are big plans and little follow through. That's what happened with my week of posts. Well, that and we took off for a much needed night away at an indoor water park. Mind if play catch up? Didn't think you would.

Things I love: Thursday....


everyone decked out in "flip-n-flops" for our trip to the pool. (and the fact that I am so accustomed to calling them flip-n-flops that I forget they are flip flops)

Things I love: Friday


Getting to borrow baby cuties like Mikey. What a little dream baby. I love having 15 nieces and nephews.

Things I love: Saturday


The fashion confidence of the under 6 set. If only I felt as comfortable in a green shirt, maroon dress, red tights and cowgirl boots.

Hope you found lots of things to love this week and Happy Spring!


Yep, those are tulips from my yard. I do really, really love Spring and getting to play in my garden again.


Anonymous said...

15 nieces and nephews? Mary, that's a lot of hand-made gifts on your docket for the year.

But I love the fashion-confidence pic. Both my kids like to pick out their own eye-popping outfits, and it's such a struggle for me some days to just let them.

And, um, are you going to be sharing that secret sometime soon?