I posted a bit back about trying out sewing pants. My first pair was a bit small and needed some adjustment but I tried again and came up with 2 pairs I was pleased with. I do believe there will be lots of homemade pants in our future.

Maddie Pocket Pants

This pair was made from a thrifted woman's corduroy skirt and a few pieces from a vintage sheet.

Maddie in T-Shirt pants

This pair was cut from a woman's extra large t-shirt. It was my first time working with knit fabric and it came out great. I will not fear the knits anymore, okay, not fear it as much. Not bad for $2.50.

I am really enjoying making clothes for the girls. There is this level of satisfaction watching them head out the door in clothing that came from my hands. Hand-knitted hats keeping their heads cozy and skirts that they twirl around in. Go on give it a try, you can do it too.