bad blogger....


I have been such a bad blogger of late. There has been lots of stuff going on but very little time to write about any of it and lately it has been feeling like another item on my to do list opposed to my little outlet. I think it has something to do with having a really long to do list and the list is creeping into my blogging space (the laundry pile is so large I had to move it to it's own bed). Dan has also been hogging the computer and it is very hard for me to get time before 11 p.m. and I've not much energy for blogging at that time. All right, excuses are out of the way now on to something of interest.

Last week I got the most wonderful package in the mail from Jen, a skein of beautiful purple sock yarn for me to make myself a pair of socks! It was completely out of the blue and oh so very thoughtful. It has been sitting on the ledge in my kitchen so that I can admire it, touch it, and stare longingly at it while taking care of to-do's. Thank you so much Jen it was really a much needed little pick me up and I LOVE purple.

Other bits that have been going on here include:
-finishing up a hat for a very dear aunt from this pattern
-making a memory game from school pictures for maddie
-working on aprons for this months Tie One On Challenge
-lots of great thrifting and a couple of trash to treasure finds
-registering for kindergarten (Annie not Me and were not going to talk about it)

So tomorrow how about some pictures and don't forget that Friday is Arbor Day. We'll be sticking with tradition and heading to the Morton Arboretum.


Anonymous said...

You're so welcome, Mary! I hope the to-do list lightens up soon. I know just what you mean about all of it--the laundry, the computer-hogging husband, the necessity of sleep.

And ooh, kindergarten... Oh, sorry, not talking about it. :)

Anonymous said...

I know, not talking about "it". But, let me say I had a tough time with "it" last fall myself. All of a sudden I became redundant. My baby can read, tie shoes and the biggest - spend a whole day away and not miss me. Sigh! Of course, the one her dad is having trouble with lately is the impending loss of her first tooth.