Maddie is 3, oh my, 3.



It appears turning 3 is very serious business. At least it looks that way from this picture. In fact, turning 3 is all about running like a bat out of hell around the house so that your mommy can't take a picture of you in clothes and crown she made for you for your birthday. It took a very stren daddy demanding that you "stand still so mommy can get a picture for the blog" to get the above picture.

Turning 3 is also about donuts for breakfast and fancy new bikes(that mama thinks you are entirely too young to ride).

A new bike and fancy shoes

Throw in a few mudpies for good measure....
Making mud pies

and keep this year keep the birthday extravaganza to a minimum (unlike Annie's 3).

Beacause really turning 3 is really all about....

The big bucket of popcorn cake


adapted from the cupcake from Family Fun Mag

Having all your cousins and a few friends over to play movie theatre, selling popcorn, tickets and Twizzlers

Selling Tickets

and lining up to watch Mary Poppins.

Watchin the Movie

and for mommy three is all about my little baby growing up. I have enjoyed my Maddie at 2 and 1 and younger and I can't wait to share everyday with my Maddie at 3. You bring such joy and surprise to my life, Happy Birthday Maddie Jeanne.


Beth said...

That cake is fantastic! And I love the movie theatre at home theme. Smart!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Maddie! Looks like it was a great party, and the crown and t-shirt are awesome.

And whaddya know, Maddie and Ben have the same birthday!

Anonymous said...

OH!! What a bad Auntie I am for missing your 3rd birthday!! Happy Bday Madison!! I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Madison!
Mommy too
Love Daddy

Bette said...

my son loves popcorn, you just gave me a fUntastic idea for his bday cake! and the movie theater play...really great! i wish i'd be able to do all that on my son's birthday!