Rolling, rolling, rolling


Last week 2 of my nieces came for a sleepover. They are my sisters girls and before I had Annie and Maddie I would babysit for them every Thursday. I don't spend as much time with them anymore and when they are here they tend to play with A and M. The night they stayed T.T. read books to Maddie and put her to bed while Katie read to Annie and put her to bed. I think they need to stay over more often.

I wanted to do something special with them so Thursday morning we pulled out lots of boxes, tubes and some packaging from when our new dryer arrived. We all went to work making a great marble ramp.

Waiting.... '

Once the business of getting the marbles to roll was over they went to work decorating.

Rainbow Hill The set-up

Then it was off to the races....
start Hopping Marble

Nothing like 4 girls being kept entertained for a few hours with not much more than marbles, duct tape and some paper towel tubes. I really do need to have them over more often!


Bette said...

another greeaat son just bought lotsa marbles for his school project...i'm thinking how we can play with it...and voila saw this post!