A bit of a ramble.....


As you may have noticed my posting has been rather sparse lately. Settling into our new school routine has taken a little while and my usual ability to steal a few minutes in the morning while the girls played together has been replaced by Maddie needing me to be her playmate. Having Annie off to school reminded me how fast this time goes so I usually drop whatever I am doing an join Maddie in whatever she asks. The laundry may be piling up and the beds not made but I am having so much fun with my sweet little Maddie.
My other time for posting was usually during rest time but now that is time I get to spend with Annie or catch up on things I need to do or you know, rest. I also would post late at night after work but lately all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch a tv or read a book.
The truth is I write a blog post everyday. I take pictures and as I drive I write a post in my head. I really think about the special moments in each day and what it has meant to me. I think of all of you that check-in and hope to find something interesting or inspiring to share. It's all there in my head, lately it's just getting it on the computer that is a challenge.
When I first started the blog I was inspired by all the crafty blogs out there and thought to do the same. As time has gone on I have done much less crafting and definitly less crafty blogging. I started the blog to record the accomplishments I had in the day, to look at all those little moments and realize it's not all about the laundry and dishes. It has been amazing to me how not only do I reflect back on those moments at the end of the day but having the blog has made me make different choices. I know where my and my childrens happiness comes from during the day, I know what I take pictures of and write about and it is definitly not the my sparkly kitchen floor.
So my posting may be a sparse but there are so many wonderful moments happening around here just not enough always to share them.

I really want to thank all of you who visit and comment. Your comments mean the world to me. I am amazed at the diversity of those that read and comment and of the kindness you all share for a family you only know virtually. I try to visit all of you and check-in but I have been really bad about that lately. Many of you send comments with no-reply so I can't email you back. I would love to send a note of thanks to those of you with an email address. (I am currently being distracted by Maddie who just brought in a haul from the garden and is feeding me fresh tomatoes)

Apparently that's my cue to wrap up this rambling little post. I'm off the check out our pumpkins and and play with my little pumpkins.

Any excuse for cake....


On friday Maddie asked me to dress her stuffed animals for a party. I got to work dressing 30 or so animals and she informed me that it was her stuffed kitties birthday. That sounded like a perfect excuse to bake a cake and have a party.


Everyone arrived in their finest attire.


The cake was decorated.


Presents were wrapped.


Everyone waited patiently for the guest of honor.


Kitty was so surprised and pleased.


She especially loved her new necklace and newspaper.

I love, love, love 3.


Holding Hands

For the last five years this little hand has rested inside of mine. I waited for nine months to feel those fingers curl around my finger. I held tight as she learned to stand and walk and I learned to grab tight as she tried to run away in stores and parking lots. I have held her hand as we skipped and sang in the rain and as her little toes felt the first waves of the ocean. Holding that little hand has become a part of my life.


Last Friday I let go of that little hand and watched my Annie board the bus for her first day of Kindergarden. It was very difficult for me to let her go. She has been my consant companion for so long. She did go to preschool, but there I was able to walk into her classroom each day and see what she was up to. I could talk to the teachers every morning. I didn't have to let go of her hand quite so soon. Kindergarden is whole different game. She will ride the bus and all I get to know of her day is what she chooses to tell me.

First day of school

When you have a baby everyone tells you how quickly the days will go, wow, are they right. Thankfully kindergarden here is only half a day and I can still sit and have lunch with my little girl each day. I will so miss having her as my companion. She never left me with a dull moment and challenged every ounce of patience I had but in that I grew to be a better mother, wife and friend. I hope that I held her hand enough and that as we held hands and chatted she learned the important things, be respectful, be a kind person, a good friend and enjoy every moment of your life. I can't wait to watch her learn and grow as the year goes by and I am so glad I have Maddie's little hand to hold onto even tighter.
Happy back to school.