The girls have been working on creating little books lately. I had been thinking of making up a bunch of blank books for them to have at the ready and then I saw this post by Amanda and had to get down to business.

At the same time my sister-in-law was talking about making Photo Stories of her students books. I thought this would be so great since the best part of their books is listening to the story that goes along with the images. I scanned in all the pages of the book and then had recorded Annie narrating.

I did have some trouble converting the Photo Story file so that I could display on the blog. I ended up using photobucket instead of dropshots because dropshots did not like my file.
I think I need to make bunches of these.


Anonymous said...

Gosh that is adorable - really precious!

taisa said...

That is so neat! How did you record her voice? Love your blog!