Being a mom means always having a plan B.


I was out playing in the snow with the girls on Sunday, Maddie wanted to make a snowman but the snow was not cooperating and no amount of rolling was producing a ball. We went with plan B....building a nice rectangular snow person using the snow fort builder.
Add some hardware and odds and ends from the garage and a snowman becomes a snowbot.


There must have been something to the squareness of the snowbot, as soon as I snapped a few pictures the girls knocked him right down. We also had a great time making snowballs with this handy gadget. Such fun.


Monday I planned a little outing for some sledding and a winter picnic before the snow all melted. After packing the basket with cocoa, apples and crackers we started to get all bundled up. When I looked out the window it was raining. I can handle the cold, the snow and the cold snow but I really wasn't up for a cold wet picnic. Time for a little plan B.

We laid out the blanket in front of the (fake) fireplace. Warmed our toes, enjoyed some snacks and got in a good game of Uno. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.



Hope all your plan B's come out as well.


Peace is every step said...

I love your site. My son loves the idea of a robot-snowman & says we MUST do this next time the temps are above zero! Glad I found you site by doing a bit of hopping around!

Jane said...

That's a great idea, we did a version of it last summer. we planned a picnic and then it poured so we stayed home, picniced on the lounge floor and went out late afternoon when it stopped raining. we came close to having snow but it didn't happen in the end as it is too mild. Jane x

Anonymous said...

Love the snowbot.