Feeding the birds.


I tossed all my gourds and squash into a bag while taking down my fall decorating. I was saving them for a little bird feeder project. Well, November became December and December January and still those gourds sat. I realized I better make use of them before the hubby discovered my stash (my "garbage" hording is one of his main irritants with me). Last week the forcast started calling for Arctic Like Temperatures so if those gourds were gonna get used it had to be on the last warm day (30 degrees). Not sure where I saw this little project but I know it was out there in blogland. It felt so good to be outside messing around, I forget how much I need a little fresh air.

Scoop out the seeds

Fill with peanut butter mixed with cornmeal and then top with bird seed. Stick skewers across and add wire to hang. (making a huge mess that doesn't get swept up until the next day is the best part)

Hang outside for the birds.

You can skip all the skewer and wire part and just set out on the deck.



Make a few winter mudpies and have a good swing while you wait for your feathered friends to come visit.


DeLi said...

so cute!mademe smile today

Jane said...

What a good idea, hope the birds enjoyed their feast. The girls looked as though they loved their play Jane x

Anonymous said...

ugh, I want maddie's hair. ask her if she'll trade with me?
Brilliant project, btw. I did something similar back in first grade, but with pine cones... and then jordan showed up and that was the end of bringing peanut butter home...
loved the pictures! Hope you got lots of lovely birds to visit you

Holly said...

This entry makes waiting for spring a little more bearable! Thanks for another good idea.

Jane said...

Its me again, there is an award for you. Please pop over to my blog and collect it
Jane x