Maddie has been nesting. Each night I check on her before heading off to bed. Sometimes I find her buried in the center of many blankets that she has fashioned into a nest. Other times it is a bear cave or bunny hole that she has built.


My sleeping bear....


Baskets, fabric and pipe cleaners become nests for stuffies.


We had a nest that the robins built on our front door last year. I set it out and we spent some time looking at it and how it was built. We headed out to collect materials that would make a good nest. Pictures of nests were printed and explored. We walked the neighborhood looking for all the nests and holes we could find. Imagining bunny holes and mouse houses. We took all our nesting materials and some clay to make our own bird nests.



We are still nesting. Sometimes while I lay next to her in bed the crook of my arm becomes a nest for her little mouse. I am instructed not to move because the mouse is sleeping. How wonderful the imagination of a 3 year old is. And with the wind howling outside my window and more snow in the forecast I think that a bit of spring nesting is just what we need.


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Felicia said...

Nest building looks like a great project for kids :)

Unknown said...

Oh what a beautiful post Marytree: the illustrations and sculpted wee nests, heartachingly beautiful, I love this post!

Monster Librarian said...

What a lovely post. You have such a beautiful way of writing about things, and I commend you for your enthusiasm when it comes to helping your girls learn. :)