Fresh Air


We've been needing a bit of fresh air. 50 degrees in March, I'm giddy.
A playdate outdoors.


Tossing off our hats and mittens we bask in the sun. Try out our skates.


Learn how to drive on busy sidewalks again.


Create on the grand scale that only the canvas of a sidewalk and chalk can provide.
Find inspiration in icy bits of winter that mix with the promise of spring.

Because as Annie said "Mama, my favorite season is winter but by March 6th I've had enough."
Bring on spring.


Anonymous said...

We joined you in the strange warmth of 50 degrees. I never thought I would be sitting out back in capris and flip flops while the kids made mud castles in 50 degree weather. Seems warm and makes me very excited for the warm weather and what it brings!!! Hope top see you guys out here with us...

AudreyO said...

I think everyone, everywhere is enjoying the start of spring. Winter was harsh for many. I've been in the sun a lot. Nice blog!!

Felicia said...

Looks like a good time was had by all :)

Anonymous said...

You take magical photographs Marytree - the sidewalk shadows and the chalky knees evoke such a sense of childhood it's nearly poetic. Spring is on the way and the days are lengthening - I hope you all soon hear it in the birdsong and see it in the palely glimmering evening sky : )