Sewing, a birthday and Chuck E.


I've been feeling the spring cleaning thing around here. We moved Maddie and Annie in the same room. I love the idea of them sharing a room, the little chats at bedtime and the learning to share. I always shared a room with my sister and I wanted the girls to have those same memories. Ideas are always more peaceful than the reality. Bedtime has been a bit more difficult and two girls in one small room leads to such a bigger mess. Annie was very sweet about the whole thing. "Maddie, this is our room." Very welcoming and gracious. The other bonus was freeing up Maddie's room for a little crafting space for me. We have a small loft upstairs where we keep the computer and I had my sewing in there but it was always a mess and drove Dan crazy and the mess was always there to be seen. Now I can close the door and it's out of sight out of mind. Much better.
Having a nice new space means having to start nice new projects. You know, to mess it all up again. I started on some spring outfits for the girls which I hope to finish this week, maybe by easter. We were invited to a birthday party for a 2 year old and I as I am still trying to go with the handmade gifts when possible I thought I would make someting for the little girl. Her grandma is a friend of mine and grandma loves to cook so I thought a nice little apron would be perfect. Two fat quarters and a few hours later and I had a sweet little present.


At the eleventh hour (or 11:30 p.m.) I decided to make the little recipe card holder. It's a bit wonky but finishes off the set. I didn't use a pattern, just cut and sew. I think I like this type of sewing better. I tend to get caught up in following directions and if I the piece doesn't work I get frustrated. When I make it all up I can only blame myself and always seem happier with the results. The set was a big hit and I can't wait for pictures of the little girl cooking.

The real reward of all the sewing was going to the party-at Chuck E. Cheeses. We had managed to avoid a trip there for all of Annie's almost 6 years but now they are hooked. Not sure how long I can keep them from going back. And really, I love playing skeeball.



Tia said...

skeeball rocks! and I only allow my kids 1 trip per year to chuck e cheese. That makes it super special for them both and keeps the plastic junk (so-called prizes) to a minimum in our home. :0)