Little Pumpkins


Remember this sweet little kitty that we found in the engine of our car. Well, it seems the kitty has grown into a full adult cat and Sunday night she gave birth to 5 little kittens.
They are adorable and Pumpkin has been an amazing gentle mommy.

I've never been around for cat labor but I have delivered two of my own babies and have been present for a few horse deliveries. I read up and set up a quiet spot in my closet for her. I had a feeling sunday was the day but the day went along with no kittens and Pumpkin hung out with me on the couch as I watched the Bears game. We all sat down, had a nice dinner and then headed to watch the Amazing Race. Dan looked at Pumpkin and exclaimed "what does Pumpkin have" um that is a kitten. So much for the cat hiding out in dark quiet place.
The girls were able to watch one of the kittens be born and they were amazed and full of questions. Quite a few anatomy lessons have taken place with lots of honest talk about how the kittens were born (which led to how they were born) umbilical cords, determining the sex of the kittens, and much more. The only question left unanswered was the "Mama, how did pumpkin get kittens in her tummy". "Umm, well, umm, Look that kitty just yawned." So that's the news from around these parts. Anyone want a kitty?

Enjoying the last days of summer



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