Corners of My Home



This is a corner of Maddie's room. I love this spot, especially at night when she needs to be rocked. It is a peacful little place where I get some one on one time with Madison. The glider is a "seen better days" hand me down but it seems to work for us. I wanted to take a picture of this spot because Madison is growing so fast. I am not sure we will be able to sit there and rock for much longer, it makes me so sad. I sat, in this same chair, in our other house rocking annie for much of her 1st two years. As much as I hate to hear the middle of the night or 10 p.m. scream from her room I always find it so peaceful to sit her on my lap and start rocking. There is nothing for me to do in this spot except love her. Sometimes it seems you need permission to just sit and smell the freshly washed babies hair. Maddie's tired thing is pulling her hair, so as I sit there rocking her she pulls and twists her hair and I listen to her breath and wait for her little hand to fall to her side, knowing that she is asleep. I always stay a bit longer closing my own eyes a enjoying every moment of her in this quiet state in the peaceful little corner of her room.