Dresses, Communions and Painting


Saturday we had a first communion for my beautiful niece sofia. She is such a doll and I had to miss the big event. My hubby brought home some pics and this is the best one....


Amy please send me more if you can.

I had this cute dress almost done for annie and decided at 9:30 that Maddie had to have a matching dress. Dan had to leave at 11:00 for the event so I sewed furiously and finished just in the nick of time. I think they look pretty darn cute. Not bad for about an hour. (ignore the hanging threads).



I really like the back. I think I need one to match. Maybe not pink gingham with flowers.

While Dan and the girls were at the party, I started working on painting the playhouse. We finished on saturday and the girls helped a bit, okay, in truth they didn't really help they got paint everywhere and gave Dan the opportunity to point out that I was nuts. Anyhow, here are some pictures of the girls painting and the almost finished playhouse. It is a bit bright. Please let me know if you would kill me if I was your neighbor and you had to stare at this.

maddiepainting anniepainting
anniecleaningup cleaningup


Hope you have a great colorful day and look for something juicy next.


Anonymous said...

i don't find the color offensive.....

Anonymous said...

i think it is beautiful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about the colors of the house. I'm wondering if you should sign up for a Crafters Anonymous program.

You: "My name is Marytree and I'm a Craftaholic."

Group: "Hi, Mary."

mary said...

mmm...I don't really need to craft, I just like to do one or two projects at night, you know, so I can relax.