Reading too many damn blogs


My friend Sara commented today on my lack of blog posts of late. Yes, I haven't been posting as often as I like. I have a few excuses
1. Everytime I get on the computer Madison dumps something out, or pees on the floor, or must sit on my lap and type along with me.
2. It's spring and time is better spent outside.
3. I have been working more.
4. Due to all of the above it is really hard to have a cohernt thought.
and the number one reason...
5. I spend all my blog writing time reading everyone elses blogs. Going from here to there and everywhere else. I love this internet thing but for an information junkie it is so damn dangerous.

The other things keeping me busy are Annie's 4th birthday this Monday with a party on Sunday. We are having a ladybug picnic for 16 or so kids and we also invited 4500 (yep, you read that right) ladybugs to come over and play with the kids. They will also be making ladybug wings, hats and assorted other ladybug fun. All in 90 degree heat. Also, on the to do list is the garden. We got some of the veggies planted, I did a few planters with annuals and have gone a bit mad with seeds. There was entirely to much open space in the yard and seeds seemed the cheapest may to fill it up. Let's hope they all grow. Thank goodness for all the rain.

Maddie seems to think that the whole planting thing is not a one time deal. She keeps pulling up all the plants and replanting them. Annie doesn't want to plant anything she just wants to walk around in my newly fluffed up dirt and feel the dirt in her toes and hands. At least they are true to themselves. I have so much trouble balancing the side of me that knows their explorations will lead to a love a gardening with the side of me that yearns to grow giant succulent tomatoes and crisp beans. As always with me the let them explore side wins. Here are some pictures... and the cute little smock Maddie is wearing is my May submission for Tie One On.


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