A Big Thank You


I wanted to thank everyone for sending such kind messages in the last few days. I agree with everyone that it was hurtful and a bit creepy. We had a lovely barbeque at our home on the 4th and everyone wanted to know where the neighbor lived so they could do assorted things to them. Many people have said I can track the email address, but I really don't want to know who it was. My favorite idea is to bring my brothers pop-up trailer over and park it in the backyard with a nice awning, some tikki lights and rusty furniture. We can then add all the pink flamingos, plastic santas, etc. Maybe I'll finish off the summer with a big ugly backyard party.
So many people told me they were upset for me all day after reading the post or hearing the story and I feel so grateful to know there are so many caring people out there that can appreciate a purple, yellow and green playhouse.

So to all of you considering doing something wild in your own backyard, I say go for it, the worst part is you get an ugly email and the best is you get a bunch of great emails and support from really kind people all over the world.